Manufacturing Record Book


Customers demand comprehensive documentation packages (MRBs) for deliveries. Currently, assembling these document packages takes a long time for many companies. The main requirement for this solution is to reduce the time spent and increase the quality of the documentation packages.


  • Manual work takes long time to put together.
  • Chance to make manual mistakes.
  • Different customers have different requirements and different templates.


  • Assembles the MRB automatically according to the customer’s template, (the system handles several different templates)
  • Handles revisions in multi-level deliverables (BOM product structures) where changes is made to one or more in sub-levels
  • Requirements and descriptions are automatically updated as they are completed
  • The document packages are ready at the same time as the products / projects are shipped from the factory Without extra work to ensure that all requirements and documents are included.


  • Significant time reducing used for building MRB
  • Trace lists for accurate information about the structure of the product
  • Generated tracelist for product structure included within the MRB

Data sources

  • APIs for integrations from source systems

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