The learning factory

Collect. Learn. Improve. Repeat.

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Ignos delivers software solutions and experience that helps gather and use of all relevant data from the business. We combine this with the insight of employees and operators to optimize production processes, machine and tool utilization, maintenance, and documentation.

Collect. Learn Improve. Repeat.

The Learning Factory

A Learning Factory is a business learning from its own data and processes, and its employees’ ability to apply such data to improvements.

Focus on tasks

Ignos supply technology but focus more on the tasks than on the technology itself. The Learning Factory is less about technology and more about people.

New opportunities

Providing employees with the opportunity to avail themselves of more knowledge and the influence to use it, will give them a basis upon which they can work smarter.

We are Ignos, and you are in good company

Ignos was established in 2021 after a long-running digitalization project within Aarbakke AS. Internal domain experts and IT personnel joined forces to gather insights and iteratively revise or create new processes, routines, and systems. What they found contributed to a significant increase in production value within the company, with benefits like:


Higher machine utilization


Better resource control


Easier documentation


Improved planning algorithm


Sustainability reports


Ease-of-life improvements

Let us share our software solutions and experience with you.


Ignos delivers software solutions and experience that helps gather and use of all relevant data from the business. 


Identify unrealized potential by tracking status and utilization of your production resources.


Calculates emissions related to production and increases your company’s environmental consciousness.

Maintenance / Alarms

Remote monitoring of alarms, and off-site identifying which assets that require service.

Measurement forms

Reduce time used to structure and document all your measurements during production.

Measuring tools

A browsable register of measuring tools. Keeps track of both last calibration and last used location.


Assembles the Manufacturing Record Book (MRB) automatically according to the customer’s template, and handles revisions in multi-level deliverables.


Lets machine operators or programmers easily collect relevant data and information about any production run – for any machine.

Digitalization the right way

Employees are the key. With access to data on a large scale, it is crucial to protect the data so that it is not misused. Employees can be confident that the Learning Factory is not a tool for implementing workforce or salary cuts, but a unique opportunity to implement employee-driven changes that can improve production procedures and efficiency.

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