Let the operators work, not get lost in clicks.


Efficiency is important. That’s why we have been working on a solution that will simplify processes and provide operators with an intuitive workspace that eliminates all the unnecessary and streamlines the workflow.

This is what you get in Engage – which we at Ignos have developed in close collaboration with Framo. They had a need to improve the everyday life of the operators. With Engage, they have managed to create a better workflow, and the operators work more efficiently with the new tool.


  • Operators spend a lot of time in the ERP system.
  • Many clicks.
  • Many ways to do the same thing (inconsistency).
  • Easy to make mistakes.
  • Hard to determine if a job is ready to start.
  • Unclear, difficult to follow and over-complex user interfaces.


Simple and up-to-date work surface for the operator that includes:

  • Production schedule
  • Start / stop operation
  • Production work order details page
  • Material picking
  • Search for production work order
  • Links to external systems


  • Significant time reducing used for operators
  • A simple, unified solution that displays information from various software systems in a single work surface, including, CNC program status, drawing status, past deviations, and comments from previous operations
  • Standardize processes across various locations.

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