Measurement forms

Reduce time used to structure and document all your measurements during production

75 % reduction in time used to document measurements at Aarbakke

Convert your drawings to a measurement form

Based on your design drawings of the part, we’ll identify all dimensions and tolerances and convert them into input-fields in a digital form.

Combine Measurement Forms with Measuring Tools to document and identify each individual tool used for measurement

Traceability and transparency of all the specific tools used to perform the measure. This makes it easy for both internal Quality Control and customers to see if the measuring is done according to specifications.

Automated workflow tracking

When you produce the first part, we’ll remember the order you fill out the form and restructure it so that the next time all the fields will be in the natural order according to your production process to reduce the time inputting measurements.

Export inspection sheet directly to your product documentation

After documenting all measures during production, you can easily export a finished report that can be used in your product documentation.

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