Maintenance / Alarms

Ignos Alarms

  • View the triggered alarm-events for all machines
  • Track the health of machines and prioritize maintenance based on needs

    Remote monitoring of alarms, and off-site identifying which assets that require service

    Predictive maintenance

    Switch to predictive maintenance by identifying alarms that should trigger service to ensure continued flawless production.

    Some alarms should always trigger a service check on the machine. If the machine is not checked this may cause production of faulty products that will not pass quality control.

    Overview of all alarms per machine, and alarm severity distribution

    The overview of alarms for each machine lets you investigate if several alarms have occurred simultaneously and identify the root cause of the alarm. For each machine you’ll also be able to see the distribution of severity and duration for each alarm category. Ignos Alarms give insight into all details on the equipment such as position, load, temperatures, etc when the alarm occurs.

    Alarm details

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