Manufacturing Record Book


Customers demand comprehensive documentation packages (MRBs) for deliveries. Currently, assembling these document packages takes a long time for many companies. The main requirement for this solution is to reduce the time spent and increase the quality of the documentation packages.


  • Manual work takes long time to put together.
  • Chance to make manual mistakes.
  • Different customers have different requirements and different templates.


  • Assembles the MRB automatically according to the customer’s template, (the system handles several different templates)
  • Handles revisions in multi-level deliverables (BOM product structures) where changes is made to one or more in sub-levels
  • Requirements and descriptions are automatically updated as they are completed
  • The document packages are ready at the same time as the products / projects are shipped from the factory Without extra work to ensure that all requirements and documents are included.


  • Significant time reducing used for building MRB
  • Trace lists for accurate information about the structure of the product
  • Generated tracelist for product structure included within the MRB

Data sources

  • APIs for integrations from source systems

Product description

The first version of Ignos’ MRB solution aims to have documents originate in the customer’s source systems (ERP) and be submitted to Ignos along with order information. The customer progressively builds trace lists to accurately indicate which parts are used in each product (serial numbers, batch numbers, or similar identifiers). The available options in the trace lists depend on the parts reported to Ignos as used per production order (preferably linked to both the operation and material line). Order information, articles, consumption, documents, and more need to be integrated with the source systems for transmission to Ignos APIs. In this first version, revisions are easily handled with the ability to overwrite if the customer requires changes.

All documents uploaded to Ignos will have metadata such as document type, linkage to the order, materials, etc. The customer manages document types themselves.

MRBs are created based on an MRB template. Currently, changes to the MRB template are made by downloading the current template as an Excel file, making modifications, and uploading the updated template.

Ignos offers a simple MRB status display that presents a tree structure based on the selected order, MRB template, trace lists, and available documents.

Ignos’ customers have the flexibility to choose when to generate MRBs for order lines that have sufficient data and documents to create the MRB. The generated MRB will be a PDF file comprising content from the relevant order documents, as well as generated documents such as trace lists, certificate lists, and more.

Data model

The MRB is built in Ignos.IO and requires access to customer ERP system with relevant data fields and production structure.

Technical details

Non-functional requirements:

  • The app will be hosted on Ignos.IO
  • Users can sign in with their existing Microsoft-account
  • Customer has full responsibility for the correct document being linked correctly in the ERP system.

Process flow

Front end

Screenshots from the MRB front end. Click to view larger size.

Find order (Ignos RMB)
MRB in progress (Ignos RMB)
Other documents (Ignos RMB)
MRB overview of PDF (Ignos RMB)
Trace list - find order (Ignos RMB)
Trace list - Advanced trace (Ignos RMB)
Trace list - Simple trace (Ignos RMB)
Trace list - Manage sequences (Ignos RMB)

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