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Code of conduct

Our vision

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Our values

Compliance with laws and regulations

  • We shall all comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and respect cultures and rights of individuals everywhere we operate. If there are differences between laws/regulations and the standards set out in this Code of Conduct, we shall follow the highest standards that are consistent with applicable local laws.

Personal data and privacy

  • Ignos is committed to protect all individuals’ personal data while performing our business and delivering our services. We only collect, process, and store personal data for legitimate purposes and process personal data in line with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

Human rights and Workers rights

  • Ignos respects, supports and acknowledges the fundamental principles of human and labor rights as defined in the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (including the ILO core conventions), and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
  • Ignos acknowledges employees’ right to form and join trade unions. We involve employees in decision-making processes and believe this improves the grounds for decision-making.
  • Ignos value diversity and want every employee to be able to develop individual skills and talents. We oppose harassment, discrimination on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, nationality, political opinions, religion or ethnic background or any other basis prohibited by law, and other degrading treatments in any form, by or towards employees.

Corruption and bribery

  • Ignos has zero tolerance for all forms of corruption, and we make active efforts to ensure that it does not occur in our business activities.
  • When engaging with public officials, we must be extra cautious of the corruption risk and act in a transparent manner.

We are all committed to:

  • never, directly, or indirectly, offer anything of value to influence the actions or decisions of, or otherwise obtain any improper advantage from:
    • any official person, including any person in public or legal duty,
    • any person acting on behalf of customers or subcontractors/suppliers, or
    • any other third party; in selling goods and services, conducting financial transactions, or representing the company’s interests.
  • never give nor encourage facilitation payments unless an employee is a victim of extortion and his or her health and safety is in danger (such incidents shall immediately be reported to your manager and Ignos’ CEO or Compliance Officer); and
  • ensure that all payments comply with Ignos’ accounting and financial procedures for the approval and recording of payments, and that they are submitted to the appropriate level of management.
  • If you or your colleague end up in a serious situation, report immediately to your manager and Ignos’ CEO or Compliance Officer.

Fair competition

  • Ignos shall protect fair and open competition and comply with antitrust and competition laws and regulations.

We are all committed to:

  • meet competition in a professional and transparent manner,
  • never take part in or support illegal cooperation on pricing, illegal market sharing or any other activity that constitute breach of applicable competition laws; and
  • consult the Compliance Officer in all matters involving risk of antitrust exposure for Ignos, yourself, or any of your reports.

Money laundering

  • Money laundering occurs when the criminal origin or nature of money or assets is hidden in legitimate business dealings or when legitimate funds are used to support criminal activities. Ignos is firmly opposed to all forms of money laundering.

We are all committed to:

  • seek to prevent that Ignos’ financial transactions and business activities are used to launder money,
  • ensure that all business activities are legitimate and involve legitimate funds deriving from legitimate sources,
  • consult the finance department or the Compliance Officer if there are irregularities relating to payments, such as offshore bank accounts or accounts not normally used by the party in question, and
  • consult the finance department or the Compliance Officer if in doubt about the origin and destination of money and property.

Conflict of interest

  • Conflict of interest is when you have a personal or outside interest that conflicts with the best interest of Ignos. A personal interest can be a financial interest in another company or a transaction, a relationship, including but not limited to immediate family, or any interest or relationship that may improperly affect our judgment and decision-making.

We are all committed to:

  • never take action or get involved in relationships that in fact or appearance can give rise to a conflict of interest, and ensure that transactions with related parties adhere to relevant principles for such transactions,
  • if a conflict of interest arises or something appears to be a conflict of interest, notify your manager,
  • seek pre-approval from your manager for directorships or assignments held/carried out in other companies, and
  • never let engagement in duties or assignments outside Ignos negatively impact our working relationship with Ignos and always ensure that such activities do not conflict with Ignos’ business interests.

Safeguarding of IP and assets

  • Only authorized employees can use our property and assets, and only for legitimate business purposes. This goes for both tangible property (such as equipment), and intangible property (such as intellectual property and confidential information). Information produced and stored on our IT systems is the property of Ignos. We shall never process or download information that may be illegal or inappropriate.
  • Our intellectual property, such as logos, copyrights, trade secrets, “know-how” and patents are Ignos’ most valuable assets. Unauthorized use can lead to loss of value. Inappropriate use of others’ intellectual property, including violation of license requirements under which open-source software is distributed, may expose Ignos and you to criminal and civil fines and penalties.

We are all committed to:

  • only use Ignos’ logos and marks for necessary business purposes,
  • prevent unauthorized use of Ignos intellectual property,
  • respect others’ intellectual property,
  • report suspected misuse of trademarks, logos, or other Ignos intellectual property to the legal department,
  • consult with the legal department before:
    • authorizing access to or use of Ignos proprietary information,
    • soliciting, acceptance or use of proprietary information from outside Ignos, and
    • incorporating open-source code or other content not belonging to Ignos into a product, service, or internal project,
  • use IT systems and particularly internet services carefully, and only for business purposes, not personal interests.

Accurate and timely information

  • Ignos is committed to providing our stakeholders with quality information that enables them to maintain a correct picture of our financial standing.

Relations to business partners

  • We are dependent on our partners and shall deal honestly, ethically, impartially and fairly with our stakeholders.