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Ignos delivers software solutions and experience that helps gather and use of all relevant data from the business. We combine this with the insight of employees and operators to optimize production processes, machine and tool utilization, maintenance, and documentation. The data is also made available for detailed documentation and reduction of the environmental footprint.

Modus operandi: Collect. Learn Improve. Repeat.


Liberate process-data from all existing systems within the business and organize them in one source of truth.


Process-data is combined with domain knowledge with the goal of identifying patterns and unrealized value.


Create solutions that give insights to empower employees in their work.


Continuously adapt and improve operations based on new insights.


Our software solutions and experience helps gather and use of all relevant data from the business. 


Identify unrealized potential by tracking status and utilization of your production resources.


Calculates emissions related to production and increases your company’s environmental consciousness.

Maintenance / Alarms

Remote monitoring of alarms, and off-site identifying which assets that require service.


A knowledge base for cutting parameters. Closing the gap between operators and programmers, while reducing time-to-production.

Measurement forms

Reduce time used to structure and document all your measurements during production.

Measuring tools

A browsable register of measuring tools. Keeps track of both last calibration and last used location.

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